Bringing Real Value To Real Estate


Without a comprehensive management and maintenance plan, a real estate
investment can quickly turn into a nightmare. When you add up all the time
spent on screening potential tenants, finding qualified contractors for
repairs, and evicting problem tenants, owning real property is really a full
time job. Landworks Development, LLC has the experience and expertise to                      provide property owners with quality management and maintenance services
that make real estate ownership a much more rewarding investment.

Financial Management

A good financial plan is a necessity for any income property, large or small.

To build your investment future while giving you peace of mind, Landworks will:                            
   -- Prepare an annual budget for your property(s).

   -- Provide complete monthly detailed statements of all cash received and
      disbursed along with delinquencies and tenant profiles.

   -- Supervise and control payments of all funds received and disbursed.

   -- Submit timely payment of mortgages, taxes, and other bills.

   -- Prepare comprehensive financial reports.


An effective Leasing plan means keeping your investment property profitable.

To maximize your opportunity for profits, Landworks will:                                                                      
   -- Fill vacant properties quickly to gain maximum occupancy and income to you.                         
   -- Set rents to market prices to maximize occupancy income for you.                                              
   -- Carefully screen tenants, including a thorough credit check and review of all references.      
   -- Establish and explain policies & procedures involved in renting orleasing  your  property.     
   -- Handle all tenant requests and negotiations.                                                                                              
   -- Administer eviction process.


Maintaining your property keeps it productive and increases future value. 

We keep your property at its competitive best by completing the following:

   -- Pre-negotiate discounts with a group of quality vendors to ensure reasonable rates and quick turnaroud on projects.

   -- Regularly inspect properties to make sure everything is in order, providing you with a detailed report.

   -- Hire, supervise, and terminate all independent contractors and employees required for the operation of the property.

   -- Supervise maintenance and arrange for alterations and improvements as may be required.

   -- Recommend and supervise improvements to keep the property competitive and at its income-producing best.

   -- Administer preventative maintenance schedules to avoid costly emergencies.