Bringing Real Value To Real Estate


Landworks Consulting focuses on the sales and marketing management of high-end luxury properties and hotel developments throughout the United States and Europe, with an emphasis on strategic branding campaigns and aggressive pre-sale campaigns.

Services will include but won't be limited to:

   -- Competitive Analysis
   -- Architectural Concepting
   -- Product Critiques
   -- Amenity Planning
   -- Marketing Planning
   -- Marketing Research
   -- Product and Service Optimization
   -- Budgets/Schedules
   -- Model Merchandising
   -- Presentation Materials
   -- Sales Strategy
   -- Hiring and Staffing
   -- Sales Training & Management
   -- Customer Service
   -- Closing Coordination
   -- Loan and Financing strategies

In addition to sales and marketing mamangement for builders and developers, we work with Individual investors in the USA and Internationally to place them in the right properties to gain maximum return on thier investments.